July 9, 2021 @ 1:30 pm
Collier County Government Center Commission Chamber, 3rd Floor
3299 Tamiami Trail East
FL 34112

This is a public meeting of the Big Cypress Basin Board to discuss and consider activities impacting the Big Cypress Basin of the South Florida Water Management District.

The Big Cypress Basin Board may take official action at the meeting on any item appearing on the agenda and on any item that is added to the agenda as a result of a change to the agenda approved by the presiding officer of the meeting pursuant to Section 120.525, Florida Statutes.

The public and stakeholders will have an opportunity to view and comment on the meeting in person or by utilizing the link found on the District’s website at www.SFWMD.gov/meetings, which will go live at approximately 1:30 PM on July 9, 2021.