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Legislative Priorities

January-March 2022

The 2022 Legislative Session in Tallahassee is over. Nevertheless, you can read our initial stance on various environmental bills below.

FL Legislative Session


SB 604 Berman & HB 393 Hinson: Safe Waterways Act (Public Bathing Places) – Requires Dept. of Health to post signage around (impaired) waterways that have elevated levels of specified bacteria

SB 1816 Stewart & HB 1377 Roth: Land Acquisition Trust Fund – Provides for an annual appropriation for Florida Forever

HB 513 Bartleman & SB 1326 Rodriguez: Comprehensive Review Study of the Central and Southern Florida Project – Would require the South Florida Water Management District to produce an annual report on the impact of sea-level rise and flood resiliency in Central and South Florida.

SB 832 Stewart & HB 561 Goff-Marci: Implementation of Recommendations of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force

SB 932 Rodriguez & HB 729 Aloupis: Everglades Protection Area – Requires plans and additional review for development near and in the Everglades Protection Area

SB 904 Farmer & HB 807 Rayner: Agricultural Practices – Would require the Department of Agriculture to develop and adopt rules governing agricultural best management practices or other measures to reduce water pollution, and impose penalties for failing to follow them


SPB 2508: Environmental Resources – Proposes many changes to the implementation and funding process of projects by the South Florida Water Management District, Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Agriculture. Written in committee as a special bill, SPB 2508 has bypassed the typical committee and analysis processes.

SB 1024 and HB 741: Net Metering – The policy for renewable energy and net metering, which are the cornerstone policies for rooftop solar development is in danger of being decimated at the legislature this year through SB 1024 and HB 741 these two bills.

SB 280 Hutson & HB 403 Giallombardo: Local Ordinances – Awards court costs/damages in civil actions against Local Gov’ts/requires business impact statement before adopting local ordinances

SB 1000 Albritton & HB 1291 McClure: Nutrient Application Rates – Allows for the presumption of compliance through “rate tailoring” of fertilizer

SB 198 Rodriguez & HB 349 Sirois: Seagrass Mitigation Banks – allows the Board of Trustees to establish seagrass mitigation banks in state-owned submerged lands to offset “unavoidable” loss elsewhere of seagrass from coastal development projects. This new approach could lead to more seagrass destruction from development despite research showing high failure rates in projects to plant and restore seagrass. These bills come amid severe seagrass loss in waterways due to water pollution, a cause unaddressed in the bill. Seagrass is vital for healthy marine ecosystems; its loss is the main factor behind 2021’s record manatee mortality.

SB 620 Hutson & HB 569 Comm. bill/McClure: Local Government – Allows businesses to sue a local government for losses caused by local ordinances

Last updated March 14, 2022