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Calusa Waterkeeper Rangers are community volunteers interested in helping monitor and advocate for water quality issues in Southwest Florida. We hold basic training courses annually to educate new Rangers, and are currently developing more advanced courses for existing Ranger graduates. Our Ranger team is a terrific variety of backgrounds and expertise and many are very active in local advocacy initiatives.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Volunteer Rangers!

CWK Ranger Maggie Stevens

Maggie Stevens

Tidal Caloosahatchee
CWK Ranger Maggie Stevens

Terry Nelson

Tidal Caloosahatchee
CWK Ranger Maggie Stevens

Manny Aparicio

Tidal Caloosahatchee
CWK Ranger Maggie Stevens

Louise Kowitch

Estero Bay
CWK Ranger Maggie Stevens

Curtis Orvis

Tidal Caloosahatchee

Our Rangers have been observing a large swath of Southwest Florida, as evidenced by this Water Reporter map of posts from 2018.

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Calusa Waterkeeper Ranger Zones

  1. Lake Okeechobee
  2. Freshwater Caloosahatchee
  3. Tidal Caloosahatchee
  4. Matlacha Pass
  5. Pine Island Sound
  6. Charlotte Harbor
  7. Estero Bay

Typically our Tidal Caloosahatchee and Estero Bay groups are the zones with the most interest and manpower. We would love you have you volunteer for any zone you are most interested in!

Ranger Handbook