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During the height of the Blue-Green Algae and Red Tide HAB crises in Southwest Florida, Calusa Waterkeeper met and interviewed many of the nation’s leading research scientists studying HABs, but also doctors and nurses on the front lines and patients suffering harm. The result is a compelling, current, informative and entertaining 40-minute documentary conveying much needed information on potential risk – particularly on the aerosolized transmission of particles from HABs and the increased danger that poses to public health.

Troubled Waters will be made FREE to the public May 22, 2021.
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Available May 22nd

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About Troubled Waters

The world’s leading experts – Dr. Paul Alan Cox, Dr. Walter Bradley, Dr. James Metcalf, Dr. Elijah Stommel, Dr. Larry Brand, Dr. Mike Parsons, Dr. David A.Davis, Adam Schaefer, our own Waterkeeper John Cassani and so many more – all willingly joined our landmark documentary, Troubled Waters to inform our community of the public health risks associated with HABs.

New Health Codes Available for HAB Symptoms
In response to the extreme severity of multiple HAB outbreaks in South Florida in 2018, healthcare providers now have new medical codes to document illnesses related to red tide or blue-green algae.

Please take note of the following ICD-10 codes before visiting your doctor, a walk-in clinic or the emergency room with symptoms you believe are related to toxic algae exposure:


is used primarily to document symptoms from unintentional algae toxin exposure


is used for subsequent exposure to HABs beyond initial exposure


is used for suspected exposure with on-going symptoms and has no time deliniation

These codes can be used for any harmful algal bloom you may have come in contact with including red tide (karenia brevis) or blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). The use of these codes will help quantify the health issues and complications related to HAB exposure which will hopefully lead to the federal government allocating more money towards researching and combating harmful algal blooms.

Additional Resources:

Report stranded marine life to FWC:


Report an algae bloom to the FDEP:


FL Dept. of Health Posion Control:


Report HAB Exposure to the CDC: