Waterborne Documentary

Water Quality, Policy and Public Health in Florida

Waterborne is a documentary film exploring the public health impact of harmful algal blooms and waterborne bacteria. Hear from scientific experts and officials on how Florida’s policies are failing to reduce the occurrence of HABs and bacteria contamination, and inadequately protecting the public from exposure.

Contributors to this documentary include researchers Paul Alan Cox, PhD, R. Grace Zhai, PhD, Zoraida Diaz-Perez, Mike Parsons, PhD, Michael Mullan, M.D., PhD, Richard Whitman, PhD, J. Glenn Morris, Jr., M.D. Mph Tm, David A. Davis, PhD. Along with policy makers Chauncey P. Goss (South Florida Water Management), Merritt Matheson (City of Stuart), Kevin B. Anderson (City of Fort Myers), and Nikki Fried (Florida Commissioner of Agriculture)

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