Blue-Green Algae Blooms Spotted from Lake O to Fort Myers Shores

May 26, 2023 | Harmful Algal Blooms, Press

Originally published by FOX4 News on May 26, 2023

Once again, Lake Okeechobee is covered with blue-green algae blooms. According to NOAA, algal blooms covered about 260 square miles on the ake, especially in Fisheating Bay and along the western shoreline. The water on that western side eventually ends up in the Caloosahatchee River.

Many of us cross the Caloosahatchee each and every day. With blue-green algae being found in the river, some residents are concerned that we could be in for another ‘summer of slime.’

“It’s only May. Guacamole season is down the road,” said FGCU Water School Professor Dr. Barry Rosen after seeing pictures of the blooms on Lake Okeechobee. Dr. Rosen specializes in algal blooms — which he referred to as ‘guacamole.’

Fox 4 showed him photos of the algal blooms shot last week by Ralph Arwood with the Calsua Waterkeeper Environmental Organization. The photos show streaks of blue-green algae for miles over the surface of the lake.

Dr. Rosen also saw a picture that Fox 4 shot near the Moore Haven Lock on Thursday. He said this blue-green algae, pictured below, is likely microcystis.

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