Boaters Volunteer to Clean SWFL Waterways During Clean Water Week

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Press

Originally published by WINK News on March 20, 2021

It is Clean Water Week and the St. James City Boat Club is joining the Calusa Waterkeeper to help clear debris and test the quality of the water in certain spots.

On Saturday, members of the boat club headed to Picnic Island and many of the canals throughout St. James City and Flamingo Bay to pick up trash in the water.

Anyone with any kind of water vessel is welcome to join the cause.

Not only will boaters pull out any visible debris, but a Florida Fish and Wildlife Ranger will tag along to test water samples throughout San Carlos Bay.

This is the second annual St. James Boat Club Clean Water Week. They will be patrolling the water through Wednesday.

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