Originally published in Pine Island Eagle by Paulette LeBlanc on April 17, 2024

On Monday, April 8, the Calusa Waterkeeper sponsored an event at the Saint James City Civic Center, wherein they gave a presentation on the science of oysters and how to build a Vertical Oyster Garden. Volunteer Ranger Susan Dahod offered the presentation to group of Saint James City Civic Association members as well as having a table set up with examples of some of the things they do, Dahod said.

Everyone who took an oyster garden home was asked to report back approximately every 3-4 months with a picture and location, to be monitored by Calusa Waterkeeper. Approximately 18 people just finished training in March in order to become new Waterkeeper Rangers, she said, several of whom helped with Monday’s workshop. There was also information on an air sampling system used by Calusa Waterkeeper to keep track of any toxins in the air, released by the water. According to Dahod, the canals in Saint James City seem to be really good for growing things, including oysters.

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