Fecal Indicator Bacteria Found in Water at Pine Island Park

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Press

Originally published by WINK News on October 13, 2020

Swimmers, beware: What’s in the water would not only make your stomach turn – it could make you sick.

The water at a Pine Island park has tested positive for fecal indicator bacteria and there are no warning signs.

Tropical Point Park is open for fishing and kayaking, but “swimmers swim at their own risk.”

“It’s disheartening because, especially in summer, kids are swimming here every day. It’s now school so there’s nobody here but usually, there are a lot of people here swimming and kayaking and everybody’s in this water and it’s not safe to be here when it’s like that,” said Kaye Vaughn, a volunteer ranger with Calusa Waterkeeper.

She took samples of the water starting last year.

“The samples were coming back fine until September,” she said.

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