Fort Myers Construction Sites Under Investigation

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Featured, Press

Originally published by FOX4 News on Septtember 8, 2020

Two construction sites in downtown Fort Myers are facing scrutiny from the state Department of Environmental Protection and local leaders, after photos and complaints about runoff into the Caloosahatchee river.

John Cassani is a member of the Calusa Waterkeepers, one of the groups, who sounded the alarm.

“So when that sediment filters down to the bottom it has the ability to suffocate animals that are filter feeder and breathe with gills. And if it settles on plants it can sometimes harm the plants,” he said.

And Cassani said this isn’t the first time these sites have been under the microscope.

“This is at least the third time that we know of that this significant turbidity runoff problem from these construction sites has been occurring,” he said.

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