Fort Myers Leaders & Environmental Groups Collaborate for Billy’s Creek Clean-up

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Featured, Press

Originally published by FOX4 News on Decemeber 14, 2020

The contaminated water in Billy’s Creek today, is not the same water Councilman Johnny Streets remembers seeing as a child.

“We used to go down to Billy’s Creek and do a lot of fishing. Not only fishing but also crabbing,” said Streets.

The creek in his ward runs east from the Caloosahatchee River past Marsh Avenue. The creek is contaminated. Everyone can agree on that. The controversy comes regarding what’s in it. During a presentation to City Council in September, City Manager Saeed Kazemi says it’s not human waste.

In a letter to then-Mayor Randy Henderson, John Cassani, with the environmental group Calusa Waterkeeper says traces of human waste are in Billy’s Creek.

Cassani says in his letter, he referenced samples from FDEP. Cassani says they found indicators of human waste like artificial sweeteners and pharmaceuticals.

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