Lee County Partners with Environmental Company to help Treat Blue-Green Algae

Sep 12, 2022 | Press

Originally published by FOX4 News on September 12, 2022

From the greenish color of the water to the odor that comes from it, now the work to handle the blue-green algae bloom is in North Fort Myers.

This is just off West Bluewater Terrace, near Orange Grove Boulevard and St. Claire Avenue.

Lee county brought an Environmental company to help treat and restore a waterway.

Just days after we reported on the Calusa Waterkeeper advising people here on West Bluewater Terrace to avoid the water from a blue-green algae bloom, now Bluegreen Water Technologies is treating the canal.

“This is a product called lake-guard-oxy and its hydrogen peroxide based product,” Lucia Ross, with Bluegreen Water Technologies.

Ross says the lake-guard-oxy stays on top of the water and triggers the algae without harming plants or marine life.

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