Red Tide Sticking Around Longer Could Cause More Damage

Aug 22, 2021 | Featured, Press

Originally published by WINK News on August 22, 2021

A Facebook post from the Calusa Waterkeeper shows that areas from Sarasota to Sanibel are being impacted by red tide toxins. The photos were taken between Boca Grande and Venice.

On the latest red tide map, you can see that in the area where the pictures were taken, there are medium to high concentrations of red tide. And one expert says that the longer that red tide sticks around, the more damage it can cause.

Red tide has also taken the lives of thousands of fish between Sanibel and Sarasota. But, it also impacts people. John Cassani is the Calusa Waterkeeper.

“Yeah, we’re seeing some of the outcomes of a pretty widespread red tide extending from about Northern Lee County up through Sarasota County,” Cassani said.

Cassani describes it as a massive red tide damage that could very likely stick around. “We’ve had red tide in Southwest Florida coast since about January, so the intensity and the distribution changes from time to time, week to week,” he said.

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