Originally published by WINK News on February 13, 2023

Red tide is a complex water issue, and scientists who study it are surveying the conditions that can trigger blooms—sunlight, water temperature, salinity, wind direction, and speed—to figure out how to mitigate red tide’s impact.

Researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University and the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation take water samples from depths of 45 feet in the Gulf of Mexico to right off the shore of Sanibel and several spots in between to better understand our water quality issues.

“That way, they can really see all along the way,” said Manny Aparicio, a Calusa Waterkeeper board member. “You know what conditions are like from out here to the island.”

“We’re having a red tide right now, so we’ll be able to see the difference between the nutrient concentrations in outer water versus inshore water,” said Rick Bartleson, SCCF research scientist.

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