Originally published on Fox4 by Bella Line on May 29, 2024

Heat that affects more than just the air and land. Codty Pierce, the Calusa Waterkeeper, says his organization has recorded water temps in the low 90s which is rare this time of year.

“We’ve seen an increase in water temperature trends across the board, but when we start talking about three to five, you know seven years beforehand, you know, we never really experienced water temperatures this quickly as well as this early inside of the season like what we have now,” said Pierce.

Pierce says the warmer water, means less dissolved oxygen for our sea life.

“For fishermen, you know, we see less bait we see less of our larger game fish that require more oxygen,” said Pierce. “It kind of leaves some of these flats and little hidden lagoons and areas just completely desolate of life during the hot portion of the year. That’s not historically the case.”

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