Everglades Restoration Project may be Delayed

by | May 18, 2020 | Press

Originally published by NBC-2 News on May 18, 2020

“Delay is a recurring theme of Everglades restoration,” said Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani.

A delay may be on the way after the US Army Corps of Engineers announced they want to “new start” the EAA reservoir. That project will capture and hold water from Lake Okeechobee and send it through cleaning marshes on its way south through the Everglades.

The Army Corps can start a handful of new construction projects yearly. Those are called “new starts.” The EAA was a part of a bundle of Everglades projects approved by Congress in 2018.

The Army Corps spokesman John Campbell said they will do their best to keep the project on track.

“We don’t think the news of a new start designation necessarily means a delay is imminent. Some of this depends on what congress does,” Campbell explained.

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